Did you know that we offer free tire dismounting, mounting and balance of wheels up to 22" with your wheel repair!

Our prices

At Wheel Repair Xpress our prices are highly competitive across the industry. We know that when it comes to wheel repair you are looking for the best price along with great workmanship so it’s our goal to provide that to you.

Wheel Repair Pricing

Curb Damage & Painting starting at

  • Add $25.00 for painting entire wheel, ex. change color from silver to black

  • Add $15.00 for polished wheels

  • Add $50.00+ for custom painting (starting price)

  • Add $25.00 for machine finished wheels

  • Add $50.00 to split/reassemble 2/3 piece wheels


  • Up to 20″ wheels

  • Add $25.00 for 22″ wheels

  • Add $50.00 for 24″ wheels

  • Add $75.00 for 26″ wheels

  • Wheels over 22″ may require additional fee for mounting/dismounting of tire

Crack Repair

  • Up to 1 crack

  • Add $25.00 for 2-3 cracks

  • We do not repair cracked spokes

  • Cracks outside of the bead area may require an additional fee

Brake Calipers

  • Choose any color

  • Pick any logo or custom message

  • Not all brake calipers will accept a sticker

  • Add $25.00+ for 3 stage paints

  • High heat paint applied

Chrome Plating

  • Chrome plating starts at $250.00 per wheel

  • Please contact us for specific pricing for your wheels.

  • Chrome Strip Charge is $50.00 / wheel

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