Curb Damage

Hit a curb? We've got the fix for you.


It’s that feeling of “What did I just do?!” Just running through the drive thru real quick or taking that turn to sharp in the parking lot. It almost seems inevitable!  Getting curb damage on your wheel can be devastating.

But don’t worry. We can repair your curb damaged wheels on your car or at our shop. With so many different finishes applied to today’s wheels it takes experience to know just how your wheel should be repaired. Most repairs only take about one day. If we can repair your wheel on the car it only takes about one hour.

Curb damage is only one way to damage your wheels finish. Whatever the reason we can repair it. We use PPG paints to ensure a durable, long lasting, beautiful finish. We remove any damage that the wheel has sustained, welding in any missing material.

We also offer custom painting for wheels. We can color match any color you choose and we can handle 2 and 3 piece wheels.

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