Brake Caliper Painting

The brake calipers on most cars are often unseen or paid very little attention. Most manufacturers pay little attention to the vehicles brake calipers. But it can be amazing what just a little color in the right place can do. We come to your location, remove all the wheels and paint your brake calipers on the car. There is no need to remove the brake calipers and wait weeks to have them painted and then the time and expense of bleeding the brake system.

Everything is done the same day. We even add the make sticker to the calipers or have it say whatever you would like. Choose any color to paint your brake calipers. Our ceramic high heat paint will not flake or peel due to the extreme temperatures of brake calipers.

Before 1

Wheel Repair Xpress

Before 2

Wheel Repair Xpress

After 1

Wheel Repair Xpress

After 2

Wheel Repair Xpress

What is the brake caliper painting process?

  • Area beneath vehicle is draped to prevent overspray to concrete

  • All four wheels are removed from vehicle

  • Entire vehicle is wrapped in plastic sheeting to prevent overspray

  • Brake calipers are sanded and cleaned

  • Brake calipers and surrounding areas are masked off and ready for paint

  • Primer is applied to brake calipers

  • Basecoat or paint (color of your choice) is applied and allowed to dry

  • Sticker of your choice is applied (where possible). The brake calipers are tehn clear coated

  • Brake calipers are allowed to dry and all masking and protective sheeting is removed

  • Wheels are reinstalled

The total time required to paint your brake calipers is about six hours.

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