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Wheel Repair Xpress has been repairing alloy wheels for over 18 years. We have seen the wheel industry evolve. From a time when 20″ wheels seemed big to now when we repair 30″ wheels. Along the way we have accumulated years of experience and know how to best serve your wheel repair needs. Our main service area is Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore and Fallbrook areas. We do provide mobile curb damage repair and brake caliper painting. Most other repairs will require the wheel to be repaired at our location.


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Our Services

Curb Damage

Curb damage seems inevitable. But don’t worry we can repair it. We remove all the damage, welding in any missing material if necessary and refinishing the wheel to look like new. We use PPG paints and products to offer the highest quality and longest lasting repairs. Today’s wheels come in a variety of finishes, from painted, to machine finished to polished. Take a look at a gallery of some work that we have done.

Custom Painting

If you want a custom look to your wheels that’s no problem. If you can dream it up we can do it. Take a look at our gallery and see some of the custom work we have done.

Wheel Straightening

Potholes are everywhere and they jump right out in front of you, usually at the worst time. Potholes can cause severe wheel damage bending them and cracking them. We use a state of the art wheel straightening machine allowing us to straighten the wheel within a one hundreths of an inch. The wheel is bolted to our straightening machine in the same manner that it bolts to your vehicle. Once the straightening process is complete we mount and balance your wheel and tire to get you back on the road.

Crack Repair

Today’s modern wheels are made from a mixture of aluminum and other metals forming an alloy wheel. This helps them to be lightweight and to a degree flex. But if the wheels are severely impacted or too much stress is put upon them they will crack. They tend to form a hairline crack in the backside of the wheel at the bead area. This is where the wheel has the least amount of structural strength. To repair these wheels we remove the crack and then TIG weld the crack to create a strong long lasting repair. Many customers ask if the wheel will crack again. The answer is only in very rare occasions will the wheel crack again. Only about 1% or less of the wheels that we weld have cracked again. We offer a 90 day warranty on cracked wheels that we repair.

Brake Caliper Painting

Painting your brake calipers makes a huge difference in the overall look of a vehicle. That’s why BMW, Porsche, Ferrari all paint their brake calipers from the factory. But most brake calipers are just raw metal, which eventually gets dirty and looks ugly. At Wheel repair Xpress we have over 13 years of painting brake calipers. Most companies want you to remove the calipers off the vehicle and send the calipers to them. Then a few weeks later you will get them back after paying close to $1,000 and now you need to reinstall and bleed your brake system. But we come to your location and we paint the calipers ON THE CAR. There is no need to remove them. You can also add the logo/sticker of your choice. We will prep, prime paint, apply sticker and clear coat your calipers. We guarantee that you will be amazed at the difference!

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating adds a high luster, mirror like finish to your wheels. Our plating process is what is referred to in the industry as “triple plated”. This means the wheel is first plated with copper that promotes adhesion and provides the best foundation, then secondly, nickel is applied and finally chrome. This 3 stage process is the best in the industry. Many try to take shortcuts and reduce expense by eliminating the most important step of copper plating. With our chrome plating process we can offer a 1 year warranty. Pricing is based on the diameter of the wheel.

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