Wheel Straightening

Wheel straightening is your solution to peace of mind and a smooth ride

Wheel straightening is the solution to many problems found on cars today. Many people ask what are some of the symptoms of having a wheel that is bent. If your vehicle has a bent wheel it probably feels much like an unbalanced tire.

Steering Wheel VibrationOn many occasions you will feel a vibration or shaking in your vehicle at certain speeds, around 45 mph and 65 mph. Another symptom is steering wheel vibration. This is true especially if the bent wheel is located in the front rather than the rear. Many tire centers will often move the bent wheel to the right rear in an effort to reduce the amount of vibration you feel in the car. You may also hear a thumping sound due to the flat spot that was created in the wheel from the whatever the wheel impacted. Wheel straightening can help to eliminate these problems.

What could happen if you choose not to straighten the wheel? You will begin to see an irregular wear pattern on your tire. You can even feel this irregular pattern  as a high,low pattern. It will look like this.

Improperly Worn TireTires today are expensive so this could be an unwelcome expense. If wheel straightening is neglected it can also cause damage to your shocks and other steering components. It could cause your wheel to crack or cause the bend to increase in severity eventually to where the tire no longer seals and you have a flat tire.

A bent wheel never comes at an opportune time. With roads so neglected, potholes seem to be just about everywhere you go. Hit a pothole hard enough and it will bend your wheel, possibly crack it and even damage your tire.

Aluminum wheels are designed to bend on impact and not break apart. This allows aluminum wheels to be straightened without sacrificing structural integrity. With our state of the art wheel straightening machine we can straighten out wheels of any size to that like new condition.

Most wheels can be straightened in a 24 hour turn around time. Turn around time depends on the amount of damage to the wheel and the type of finish to the wheel.

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