Crack Repair/Welding

Cracked wheels are no problem!


Cracked wheel

Today’s alloy wheels often crack due to impact, fatigue or bad casting. Most wheels produce a hairline crack on the backside of the wheel. If the wheel is not repaired the crack can spread and cause further damage to the wheel. A cracked wheel will leak air slowly requiring you to add air every few days.

Cracked wheel

Wheels can also crack in other areas. Some wheels after impacting a pothole or road debris will crack on the lip of the wheel. At times the impact is so severe the spokes crack. A wheel with cracked spokes is not repairable.

Chrome wheels have a tendency to crack more often than painted wheels. This could be because of the heating and electrical charge that the wheel undergoes during the chrome plating process.

How do we fix cracked wheels? First we determine if the wheel can be safely repaired. If so, we remove the crack, tig weld the damaged area, lathe the wheel to create a good seal and then check for leaks. Your tire is then remounted and balanced.

Most cracked wheels can be repaired within a 24 hour turn around time.

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