Machine Finished Acura Wheel

This Acura wheel had some serious curb damage. The entire wheel face is cut using our Diamond Cutting CNC Lathe producing like new results. We do it right!

Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG Curb Damage

Curb Damage to an Extreme Degree

This wheel was obviously majorly damaged. This wheel is off a Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG. The vehicle was ran off the road and into a water connection pipe. Mangled the wheel. We rebuilt the wheel and repainted the center.

Curb Damage

Black and Yellow Multi Piece Wheels

On these wheels just about everything was wrong with it. As you can see in the pictures someone painted over chrome. Bad idea! Plus, the chrome was corroded horribly and the tire would not seal. Also, the wheel was bent. So we split the wheel and rebuilt the wheel as a 3 piece wheel. It was originally a 2 piece wheel. Before reassembly we repainted the center black and painted the outer lip yellow. Now this is a wheel done RIGHT!

Mercedes Benz CLS 63

20" ADV1 wheels with Curb Damage

This Mercedes Benz has 20″ ADV1 wheels that were damaged by hitting a curb.

These wheels are 3 piece, so we split the wheels and removed all the curb damage. The wheels were then primed, painted and clearcoated. We finish by color sanding the clearcoat and reassembling the wheel.

We hand painted the center cap ADV1 logo red to match the brake caliper color.

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