Gloss Black Audi Q7 wheels

The original Land Rover wheels are a silver metallic. We custom painted these wheels gloss black and it really improved the look and cohesiveness of the vehicle.

These Audi wheels were originally an matte black. Over time the finish oxidized and degraded. We sandblasted and refinished these wheels gloss black.

We took these factory Honda wheels and gave them a custom look by painting them gloss black. We come to the customers location, remove the wheels from the vehicle, dismount the tires, media blast and refinish the wheels, remount and balance the tires and return to the customer. You just make the phone call and we handle everything else!

Our customer brought us these Forgeline 3 piece Porsche wheels. He wanted them straightened and refinished. We pay attention to the details!

2015 Tesla Model S Custom Painted Wheels

Tesla Model S Custom Wheel Painting

The customer wanted his wheels to match the body color of his new Tesla Model S. These are some of the most amazing cars!!!

Custom painted these wheels to match the body color (Barcelona Red) of the 4runner. The face is machine finished.

Land Rover 22″ Strut Wheel

This wheel mounts on a Land Rover Range Rover

This 22″ Chrome Strut wheel mounts on a Land Rover Ranger Rover and was damaged by hitting a curb.

The wheel needed to be chrome and paint stripped prior to any repairs. We then straightened the wheel, welded and machined the area that was damaged. The wheel was then rechrome plated. Afterwards, we masked off the areas we wanted to remain chrome and prepped and painted the wheel black.

BMW 5 series Custom Painted Wheels and Brake Calipers

Satin Black Wheels and Ferrari Yellow Brake Calipers

This a 2014 BMW 5 series. These 3 piece HRE wheels were originally gunmetal color with BMW blue brake calipers.

As you can see we custom painted the brake calipers from blue to Ferrari yellow and maintained the “M” logo. The wheels were split into their respective 3 pieces. The bolt heads were custom matched to the color of the custom 3M wrap taht was applied to the vehicle. All 3 pieces of the  wheels were painted satin black. The wheels were reassembled and sealed.

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