BMW 5 series Custom Painted Wheels and Brake Calipers

Satin Black Wheels and Ferrari Yellow Brake Calipers

Job Description

This a 2014 BMW 5 series. These 3 piece HRE wheels were originally gunmetal color with BMW blue brake calipers.

As you can see we custom painted the brake calipers from blue to Ferrari yellow and maintained the “M” logo. The wheels were split into their respective 3 pieces. The bolt heads were custom matched to the color of the custom 3M wrap taht was applied to the vehicle. All 3 pieces of the  wheels were painted satin black. The wheels were reassembled and sealed.

  • The wheels look so good. They  look sick. Thanks so much! – Erik

Projects Details

  • Custom Painted Ferrari Yellow Brake Calipers
  • Custom Painted Satin Black Wheels
  • Color Matched Wheel Bolts
  • Tinted Black Center Caps
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