We stand behind our work, that's why we proudly offer a 3 year warranty


The Customer requests services from Wheel Repair Xpress to repair a wheel, brake caliper or other item and understands that we are not liable or responsible for any problems arising from the attempted repair. The Customer understands and agrees that the wheel, brake caliper or other item is broken, bent, cracked or otherwise damaged and the repair is an attempt to restore usable functionality and/or restore the finish of the item. The item will be repaired to the best of our abilities to a “like new” condition. But no guarantee is offered or expressed that the item will be in a “new” condition. There are many variables but not limited to, such as color matching, the condition of the item before repair or any repairs previously done that can affect the outcome of the repair. The customer understands we will do our best to fulfill and complete the requested repair successfully but also understands it is not always possible and releases Wheel Repair Xpress for any liability arising for our attempt. During the repair process it may be discovered that other repairs are needed. Wheel Repair Xpress will not be held liable for these repairs but will to the best of their ability disclose them to the Customer. These additional repairs could necessitate additional time for the repairs if the Customer chooses to have the repairs done.

Wheel Repair Xpress will not be held liable for any damage to lug nuts, lug bolts or studs.


We guarantee the work performed by Wheel Repair Xpress so long as said wheel shall remain under the present ownership. Items on the repair order such as sublet work or sublet labor are subject to the guarantee of those suppliers. This warranty shall only apply if the defects occurred under normal driving conditions and not where any wheel has been subjected to accidents, negligence, abuse or misuse. Specifically excluded from this limited warranty is rust coming through the metal, scratches and gravel marks acquired from driving conditions. This is a fragmented four-part written warranty, and specific additional stipulations pertaining to each fragmented part are stated hereafter:

1. PAINTING, STRIPES AND DECALS: Wheel Repair Xpress provides a 3 year written warranty on painting related priming and painting work against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing and excessive loss of pigmentation, and, 3 year written warranty on the application and adhesion of decorative stripes and decals, excluding defects which are caused by extreme environmental conditions to which the wheel may be exposed. The shop will, at its sole discretion, re-prime, re-paint, re-stripe, or re-decal the specific section or sections of the wheel warranted hereby. Paint warranty is valid only when paint is applied over original factory finishes that are free of defect.
2. PARTS AND MATERIALS: Wheel Repair Xpress guarantees that parts or materials used are of the first quality. Those parts or materials are subject to the guarantee of that supplier. We will assist you in handling any claim under the supplier’s guarantee. We guarantee that used parts or other than original equipment manufactured parts were not used without authorization from you as noted on the repair order.

SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED are incidental costs such as towing fees, car rental charges, travel expenses, or assemblies and components which are not specifically covered by this WRITTEN WARRANTY, nor are consequential damages such as damage to other assemblies and components resulting from a defective part or installation of such part installed or repaired during the repair included in this WRITTEN WARRANTY.

This WRITTEN WARRANTY shall not be varied, supplemented, qualified or interpreted by any prior course of dealings.

This WRITTEN WARRANTY shall be null and void if the repair is altered, adjusted or tampered with by any person not authorized by the above named shop. This warranty is not transferable.


We do not offer a warranty for straightening. This is because there is nothing to warrant. But we do offer a guarantee that your wheel will be repaired to like new condition. We make every effort to make the wheel as straight as possible. There are some instances, especially with larger size wheels 20″+ where straightening may not be as accurate. But you will be notified before and/or after the repair if the wheel cannot be straightened to a satisfactory degree.


Wheel Repair Xpress provides a 90 day written warranty against defective workmanship to include welding and the application of materials utilized in making wheel repairs against cracking, flaking, pitting, or deterioration. The shop will, at its sole option, repair and re-paint any metalwork warranted hereby, excluding any rust repair, which is not warranted.

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